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Preliminary Consultation

Our Preliminary Consultation is usually in the form of a site visit and a discussion with the potential client as to his perceived wants and needs. This service is generally undertaken for a nominal fee, plus expenses. It is a very good way for the participants to get to know each other and to gauge if the right chemistry exists. Designing, permitting and building a golf complex takes a long time, expends much effort from all concerned, and much money from the client. The client/designer relationship is the most crucial one of all and the initial meeting(s) and site visit often sets the tone for years of joint effort.We have a number of repeat clients, and a proud claim of ours is that every one of our clients would use, or recommend, our services again, if the oppurtunity arose.

Exploratory Design

This phase of our services is undertaken to establish if the chosen site can accommodate our client’s needs, given the constraints known at that time. The product here can range from, “can we fit a golf course on the site?” to “how much golf and how much related development can we accommodate?”. Our company has the advantage of the availability of Roy Case’s professional experience as a successful building Architect and Land Planner, before his entry into the golf course design field. His company, International Property Advisors, still provides Development Consulting services, and can be involved with all site development analysis work, should the client so desire. If the client wishes to use other professionals during this phase our broad development and planning knowledge means that we can communicate easily with the chosen consultant(s), resulting in a time sensitive completion of this phase. We can therefore produce, or help to produce, a comprehensive Exploratory Plan in a very short time, and for a very reasonable fee.

CAD Design & 3D Modeling

Our meticulous approach to translating our design concepts into accurate drawings which, if followed, will not result in expensive changes during construction, demands that all design and design review work must be hand drafted. Once we are satisfied that the drawings reflect our concepts they are then digitized into our CAD system so that they can be easily reproduced and, if necessary, electronically transmitted to other consultants. The CAD format also gives us the ability to create animated fly-through models of the golf course prior to its construction, which can then be recorded to various media including DVD discs.

Construction Documents

We provide our clients with some of the most detailed Construction Documents in the entire industry, producing mass grading sheets at a scale of 50 feet to the inch. Included in our standard set are Master and Routing plans, Clearing and Staking details, Mass Grading and Drainage plans, Irrigation Layout, detailed Greens designs at a scale of 20 feet to the inch, and Grassing and Planting plans. We also offer scematic landscape plans.

Contruction Monitoring

Our company has earned the reputation, over many years, for producing drawings and specifications that exactly portray our design decisions – arm waving and capricious on site changes are not part of our design process. Our drawings’ accuracy and attention to detail also facilitate accurate bidding and an absence of “extras”. However, our fee structure includes the provision of on site monotoring, sufficient to ensure that the client can be made fully aware of progress, and accuracy of construction. We are also available for on demand site visits, which are usually called for when unexpected site or weather conditions dictate that modifications must be made. In this eventuality our response time is virtually unmatched. On many occasions we have issued a drawing the day following the on site discovery of an unexpected problem. Our on site construction expertise has been developed over the last thirty years, and is respected and welcomed by knowledgeable Contractors. Our belief in the team approach, and our input during the bidding and construction phases, makes a significant contribution to bringing in projects on time and on budget.


In 1995 we were commissioned to design an 18 hole golf course, together with a small teaching facility, on a landfill in urban San Juan, Puerto Rico. The facility is yet to be built, and may never happen, but it made us aware that such projects can provide well located, public access, urban golf sites, such as Wildcat Golf Course in Houston. The same can be said for some industrially damaged lands. From that time we have sought out such sites, from a driving range with a few practice holes, to an upscale 36 hole complex, to a major mixed use urban renewal. For us, these projects present an opportunity to achieve close to the ultimate in recycling: turning damaged and often abandoned land into recreational and environmentally balanced amenities, which can be safely enjoyed by the public, and the local flora and fauna. We are proud that our portfolio now contains a wide variety of Brownfields projects, and Roy Case continues to “spread the word”, by sharing our experiences, as a Speaker at Conferences and Seminars.